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Chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Chemical hoses
  • Hoses for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

  • Solvent resistant hoses

  • Acid and alkali resistant hoses

  • Hoses with high purity for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Unloading hoses for tanker trucks

  • Pump hoses

  • PTFE hose of the chemical industry

  • Solvent resistant suction hoses

  • FDA quality abrasion resistant hose

Chemical hoses
Silicone hoses

Heat resistance: -60°C / +200°C (depending on the product), sterilisable, high purity, flexible, electrically conductive, heat-insulating.

  • Silicone hoses for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Silicones hoses without lining

  • Silicone hose with fabric lining

  • Suction – discharge silicone hoses with steel helix

Silicone hoses
Metal hoses

Heat resistance: -270°C / +600°C (depends on the products and couplings) persistent against heat, cold and pressure, it has a good chemical and mechanical resistance, gas-tight. It is suitable, where the traditional plastic and rubber hoses are not sufficient, because of the extreme working conditions. In case of the transport of flammable products, its big advantage that the hose is made of non-flammable material.


  • Stainless steel hoses

  • Hoses with metal braiding cover

  • Heat resistant metal hoses

Metal hoses