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Expansion joints

Expansion joint, metal expansion joint, fabric expansin joint , rubber expansion joint information.

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Expansion joint
Expansion joint- what is it for?
Expansion joint types
The ideal expansion joint

Right now the following expansion joint products are available for our customers.


The expansion joint

The expansion joint is a crucial element of the pipeline- technology. It’s task to equalize the lines, which are expanding because of the heat. Beside that, it is also able to pick up the vibration of the engines and pumps. It is able to compensate the shifts according to the circumstances of axial, lateral or angular direction. 

Contact us regarding to the application, and to be able give a more personalized and detailed offer about the metal, fabric or rubber expansion joint.


Expansion joint – what it is for?

One of the essential components of the pipeline is the expansion joint, next to the flexible hose connection and stainless steel corrugated hoses. It is also suitable for gas, water, chemical, sewage, hot air, and flue gas transport and vibration equalization.


Expansion joint types

Metal expansion joint

The metal expansion joints can be manufactured with single or dual bellows even with Teflon interior. It is present in several areas for example construction sector, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, at places where the security devices are indispensable. It can be made from several materials, but the most popular is the metal.

The metal expansion joint job is to be persistent against the highest operating pressure. It is used at areas where its fabric or rubber versions can’t operate properly. More parameters of the expansion joint are available on our website, but if you can’t find the right one for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Rubber expansion joint

The rubber expansion joint is suitable for heating systems, power plants, heat-exchanger equipment, oil refinery and chemical equipment. Expansion joints can be built by several rubber types; it depends on the field of use. In case pressure synthetic string or steel cord is usable. The flange’s joints are self-locking.


Fabric expansion joint

The fabric expansion joint’s main area of application is gaseous medium. It is suitable for canal system’s stress relief and axial, lateral or angular movement uptake. The shape of it is determined by the type of duty and technology. If you need a good quality expansion joint look around in our offers.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your special demands. The expansion joint is able to protect the pipe fittings at certain stages from the heat expansion and its consequences like damages. It assures the optimal performance and prevents accidents.  

The expansion joint can be made from metal, rubber or fabric, but depend on the use of field, it can be also made with acid resistant features.

Furthermore the materials, it can be listed by its movements too:



The axial expansion joint’s feature is the shifting to the direction of the shaft.


The angular expansion joint moves in one direction, which compensates a certain angle.


The lateral expansion joint is able to move in an orthogonal direction.



The universal expansion joint is able to follow the combination of more movements at the same time. 


The ideal expansion joint

The expansion joint is an important element pf the pipe-line system, especially areas where size changes occur because some sort of influence. This is why we should make right choice, but which one is that?

We need the next information for the right choice:

  • Installation length
  • Transferred medium
  • Operating pressure
  • Operating temperature
  • Movement type / axial, lateral or angular /
  • Connection type

We have to take this information into account to be able to choose the right expansion joint. Its lifespan strongly depends on the working conditions.