Hose reels, trolleys and hangers

About the hose reel, hose trolley, hose hanger, you can find useful information on the following link:

Hose reel/industrial hose reel
Hose trolley/industrial hose trolley
Hose hanger/hose reel

Right now the following hose reel, hose trolley, hose hanger products are available for our customers.

Hose reel/ Industrial hose reel

Our good quality, metal hose trolleys are manufactured in Europe and most of them available from stock. We give guarantee and provide spare parts, even service if it’s necessary. In cases where the usual spring hose reels aren’t strong enough anymore. The pneumatic and engine controlled hose reels come forward for example with long hoses. In our stock the manually retractable hose reels are also available.

Hose trolley/Industrial hose trolley

In our stock industrial metal trolleys are available for all kinds of hose storages.

To make the right choice, contact our colleagues, with years of experience. We offer hose trolleys for hoses with different lengths.

Hose hanger/Hose reel

For the high pressure washing hoses, the hose hanger/reel makes the handling easier and increases its lifespan. With the mobile high pressure cold washer, and steam cleaners we recommend a hose reel which works manually with a winch. For the medium and high pressure cleaning systems, we recommend a hose reel, which retractable by its spring. The hose hanger/reel is available in painted steel and stainless steel version. It can be ordered with various designs.

For unique designed engine controlled hose reel with pneumatic, hydraulic or electric engine, ask for our offer!

In case of the spring and manually retractable hose reels, individual pieces can be delivered from stock!