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What the Cookies are? – General description of the Cookies

For certain functions working (settings, window closing) and targeted advertisement the website collects anonym data by cookies.

The website can place Cookies on the browsing device of the user, if you deliberately approved it with the first visit on the website. Important, that these Cookies are placed on the user’s own device and not at the Triász- Tömlő LLC, which by the user is the one, who controls them.

If you do approve it in your computer’s browser, you can anytime set their ban or delete them.

Cookie settings in the Google Chrome

Cookie settings in the Mozilla Firefox

Cookie settings in the Internet Explorer

A cookie is short text which is sent to your browser by the visited website. With its help the website remembers the information connected to your visit of it, such as, the used language and other settings. Thereby the next visit of the website runs smoothly and the use of it becomes easier. The cookies have an important role, without them the Internet use would be much more difficult.

We use the cookies for different purposes.  By their use we remember the settings of your safe searches, thus we can show you relevant advertisements, count the visitors of the website, register easier for our services and protect your information.

Here you can seethe list of the cookies which is used by the Google and you can come to know how they use the cookies in advertisements. That how we protect your information, during the use of the cookies and other data, is in our privacy policy.


About handling our visitor’s data, you can read in our privacy policy:Visitors data (cookie) privacy policy