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Hose couplings

The Triász-Tömlő LLC offers its several years’ experience and wide selection of industrial and normal hose couplings. In our stock the couplings are available with stainless steel, brass, plastic and other material, which used by the manufacturers for the design. From the chemical hose to the tested industrial ones, we offer couplings for every hose on the market, which are in circulation.  

Helpful information about the hose couplings:

Most important hose coupling type
Hose coupling choice -  guidance
Hose coupling - complete mounted hose - order by special needs
Huge stock - hose coupling from stock
Hose coupling shipping

Most important hose coupling type

In our stock available the next most popular hose couplings which have a wide selection available:

Camlock hose coupling

 It’s a standard hose coupling which is suitable for transporting liquid materials.


The material of it can be stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper or polypropylene.

The camlock coupling was developed for the quick assembly (non-threaded) connection. It is a kind of cuff, which has locking levers that are able to make a bond. The other big advantage of the camlock couplings is that during the mounting the hose ends do not need positioning. By its design, with the connection of the camlock and folding over the locking levers the junction is proper. The use of the camlocks is also an advantage, because it’s really versatile, as well as its sealing, which type depends on the field of use. You can choose these sealing by its different heat and medium resistance. 


Hose shank or hose tail

It is special hose coupling which can have male and female threads. It is also available with flanged, corrugated or smooth design. The hose shank or tail can be made from stainless steel, galvanized steel, polypropylene and brass.

In our store we offer you hose tails for hoses from 6 to 152 mm diameter. By the surface the sealing can be flat (lining) or conical. 

TW tanker truck coupling

The tanker truck coupling is a pump coupling for liquid and solid substances. Its purpose to help the tanker truck’s loading and unloading. It is mostly made from brass and stainless steel.

In our stock the various accessories are also available like sealing, caps, plugs chains and wrenches.

It is DIN TW standard coupling with Teflon coating which is persistent against the kind of chemicals and acids, which are able to attack even stainless steel.
We are able to give PTFE, ETCFE, FEP, PFA for almost every unique hose tail, adapter or coupling.
The PTFE coating can be virgin (white clear) or electrically inductive, black.
Standard: DIN 2850 / EN ISO 14420-6

Storz hose coupling

It’s a suction-discharge hose coupling, which is for the hose that transports solid and liquid materials. It is available in our store with petrol, oil, food and heat-resistant sealing.
The material of it is mostly aluminium, but we have acid resistant steel in stock too. 

We also have Storz spanner, nozzle and various sealing for the Storz coupling.


Guillemin hose coupling

Also called as French coupling, the material of is STAINLESS STEEL or ALUMINIUM (oil and petrol resistant) with sealing ring.

It is a coupling for solid and liquid material transporting hose.
Operating pressure: 16 bar

It is in our stock with male and female thread and the usual accessories (caps, sealing).

Perrot hose coupling

It is for normal hose clamp mounting.
The material  is galvanized steel and it is available with SBR sealing ring.  

In case of diameter, we can provide you from 50 to 200 mm. 

Pneumatic hose coupling

We offer pneumatic quick couplings with male and female thread.
The material of it is nickel plated brass and usual brass.
These couplings are available with NBR sealing.


Bauer hose coupling

Our offer for the customer is a Bauer type hose coupling with corrugated hose tail clamping for normal clamp mounting.

The Bauer type coupling is made of galvanized steel. It is available from 51 to 203 mm diameter with SBR sealing.


Steam hose coupling

The coupling is able to make connection for the steam and hot water transporting hoses. It is usually made from galvanized steel with a two-piece high pressure brass clamp.

In our offer the normal, clawed and BOSS steam hose couplings are also available with steam resistant sealing.
Standard: DIN 3238


Sand blast coupling

It is suitable for sand blast hoses.
The material of it is usually temper alloy, yellow galvanized with Perbunan sealing.

Concrete hose coupling

It is suitable for transporting  concrete, mortar, screed and other materials with the same consistence. It is a German product.

The material of it is usually temper alloy, yellow galvanized.
In our stock it is available with hose tail and female thread.


Petrol station hose coupling

This coupling is for petrol and gas oils transporting hoses. 

It is available with two types of design, with NPT male thread and BSP female thread.

Hose coupling choice – consultancy

To choice the right (most for industrial use) hose coupling, contact our colleagues, with years of experience.


Hose coupling – completely mounted – by special needs

Our colleagues are mounting together the purchased and hose and coupling, when necessary. By that the completely mounted hose can be used immediately. With this need be free to ask our colleagues.

General information about hose coupling assembly

We take over the coupling complete mounting with consultancy. For request we mount together the assembled hose with specific coupling. In case you need some help with completely mounted hose and hose coupling ask our colleagues. Please identify for us the task and environment, which the assembled hose and coupling has to serve, we choose the best coupling and mounting technique for you. With the coupling assembly we can also provide field survey and installation. For the coupling assembly and its work certification you can contact our colleagues.  

Big stock – hose coupling right from the shelf

In our 1550 m2 storage we have more than 150 item (hose coupling) and our stock reaches 40 thousand pieces. 

Hose coupling shipping

We undertake the shipping of the couplings, which is purchased in our store, in the entire country, even abroad if it’s necessary.