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Food quality rubber hoses

Food quality rubber hoses

FDA quality rubber hoses are for food transportation. It is persistent against the common cleaning methods.

The hoses are available for certificates, coupling, assembled and pressure tested.

  • Dairy hoses, food hoses

  • Alcohol resistant hoses

  • Abrasion resistant hoses

  • Unloading and tanker truck hoses

Food quality rubber hoses
Food quality plastic hoses

The hoses are made of plastic according to the EU 10/2011 A, A, C, D1, D2, E categories (depending on the transported material).

The modern Thermoplast hoses can compete with the traditional rubber hoses.

  • Highly transparent hoses

  • Heat resistant hoses

  • Washing hoses

Food quality plastic hoses
Food quality couplings, clamps

In case of the food couplings, important criterions are the easy cleaning of the hose, the chemical persistence against solvents and a blind sport free transition between the hose and the couplings. Our couplings fit the usual hose diameters.

Do not hesitate to ask for our offers for the professional assembling and pressure testing of our hoses!


  • String free DIN 11851 hose couplings

  • Stainless steel clamps

  • Hoses assembled with ferrules

Food quality couplings, clamps