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Petrochemical industry

Hydrocarbon resistant hoses

We have hoses in stock, which are suitable for natural gas, oil and oil derived medium transport. These are available assembled, conductivity tested, pressure tested and with 3.1 certification.

  • Oil and gasoline unloading hoses

  • Petrol hoses

  • LPG and natural gas hoses according to EN 1762

  • Flexible spiral hoses

  • Bitumen unloading hose with high temperature resistance

  • Special solvent resistant hoses for medium with high aroma content

Hydrocarbon resistant hoses
Steam, gas and air hoses

The transport of gaseous materials, by flexible hoses, can be challenging: if the medium is flammable, chemically aggressive, has high temperature or it has to be delivered at high pressure. We offer solutions for all of this with our wide range of selection on the shelves, in our warehouse.


  • Industrial steam hoses for normal and high pressure

  • Hoses for industrial gas transport

  • Nitrogen hose, argon hose, natural gas hose

  • Heat resistant hose shall

  • Solvent resistant suction hoses, even with electrically grounded design

Steam, gas and air hoses
Metal hoses

Heat resistance: -270°C / +600°C (depends on the products and couplings) persistent against heat, cold and pressure, it has a good chemical and mechanical resistance, gas-tight.

It is suitable, where the traditional plastic and rubber hoses are not sufficient, because of the extreme working conditions. In case of the transport of flammable products, its big advantage that the hose is made of non-flammable material.

  • Stainless steel hoses

  • Hoses with metal braiding cover

  • Heat resistant metal hoses

Metal hoses